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Navin Chettri is a percussionist, vocalist, composer, educator and the Founder & Artistic Director of The Kathmandu Jazz Festival (Jazzmandu) in Nepal and Artist in Residence / Organizer of the World Music Celebration at the Lionel Hampton School of Music in the US. The leader of the band Cadenza Collective, Chettri is considered to be a pioneer and a driving force behind the growth of Jazz in Nepal. His music is a blend of elements from Nepali folk music, Indian classical influences, West African sounds and jazz.

A Hampton Scholar, Navin received his undergraduate and Master’s degree in percussion performance and composition from the Lionel Hampton School of Music. As a music educator Navin started teaching in 1996 at the Elites’ Co-ed School and was the head of the music dept. for six years. He directed many Broadway Musicals in his couriers as a music educator including, Sister Act II, Sound Music, Annie, and was the Musical Director for Grease. He also started the Music for School Students program in Kathmandu, which has been running successfully in many prestigious schools around the valley since 2003.He recently opened a performing arts center for dedicated music students called The Kathmandu Music Room.

His band Cadenza Collective have recorded and released five albums and the latest album, Back to the Roots, released in February 2014, is further evidence of his work to push boundaries. With their unique jazz, Nepali-afro-funk sound, far from popular mainstream music, the album was nominated in 5 categories for the 2014 Nepal Hits FM Music Awards. They won Best Pop/Rock Composition for their song “Namaste”, and Best Pop/Rock Album of the Year.

“Goonj” his band in NYC explores elements of Nepali folk/classical music and jazz with some of New York’s finest musicians from various musical backgrounds. The project is an opportunity to exchange musical energies with artists and friends who have been to Kathmandu Jazz Festival (Jazzmandu) and the collaborations they made in Nepal is something they wanted to recreate and share in NYC. In 2015 the band’s performance at the Nepal Earth Quake Relief concert in NYC with Davie Liebman as a featured artist was received with great enthusiasm.

As a percussionist and vocalist Navin has traveled around the world performing at prestigious venues, including the ELB Jazz Festival in Hamburg Germany, Palmer Street Jazz Festival in Australia, La Baiser Sale in Paris, ShapeShifter Lab in NYC, Plamer and other numerous venues in Asia, Europe, and the US. He has shared the stage with musicians from around the world including, Sting, Diane Reeves, Bobby McFerrin, Dee Daniels, Claudio Roditti, Tito Puente Jr., Magda Giannikou to name a few.

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