Navin Chettri “Goonj”

Navin Chettri a Nepali percussionist/vocalist comes to NYC to present “Goonj”, an idea initiated by Chettri to explore elements of Nepali folk/classical music and jazz with some of New York’s finest musicians from various musical backgrounds. The project is an opportunity to exchange musical energies with artists and friends who have been to Kathmandu Jazz Festival (Jazzmandu) and the collaborations they made in Nepal is something they wanted to recreate and share in NYC. In 2015 the band’s performance at the Nepal Earth Quake Relief concert in NYC with Davie Liebman as a featured artist was received with great enthusiasm.

The music will feature Navin Chettri, percussionist/vocalist and composer with Jamie Baum – flute, Matt Moran – Vibraphone, Manu Koch – Piano/Keyboard, Kenny Warren – trumpet and Trifon Dimitrov – bass.

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